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Then in the hand of Sequoyah the Keetoowah Commandments...
"That means we belong to that in there... the way he says...
We belong to God... and its Israel... God is Israel, Israel psalmers... Israel belong to God."

Spoken by Chief William Lee Smith, during the 1984 KJRH Television Documentary Spirit of the Fire

This is the 1984 55 min. Documentary Video "Spirit of the Fire" - which revealed the "Original Keetoowah Society," the spiritual core of the Cherokee Nation.

The Smithsonian Institution was turned down by the Nighthawk Keetoowah elders in favor a Tulsa news man, Bill Jones because he had "blue veins" and came in a good way.

KJRH TV Tulsa's Bill Jones was privileged to produce this documentary - filming the sacred Stomp Dance, Pipe Smoking, Sermons, and the display of Keetoowah Wampum Belts for the very first time.

Our thanks go out to KJRH Television for allowing the use of this video on this website.

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